(This guy, a terrorist? At worst, he looks like an extra from a Powerman 5000 music video.)  We’ve all surely worked alongside some oddball characters at our respective jobs. I once held a summer job at a deli (A Hannaford deli. Sigh.) where I was paired daily with a 26 year-old ex-con under witness protection with a fondness for cats, cocaine, and women thrice his age. While working for a leather outfitter at Americade, I met a gentleman who enjoyed nothing more than retelling the story about the time he accidentally (I use quotes because he did) burned his former employer’s house to the ground. People are strange, indeed. But none of the people I or any of you have ever worked with probably harbor as dark of secrets as Sanjay Dutt, the former co-owner of Super Fight League who has recently been sentenced to five years in Indian prison for his role in the 1993 Mumbai Blast. A series of explosions that killed 257 people and injured over 700, the blast was coordinated by Dawood Ibrahim, the head of the D-Company crime syndicate. The series of attacks were among the worst in India’s long history, and were carried out thanks in part to Dutt, who both possessed and later destroyed weapons involved in the attacks. The Times of India has the scoop (via MiddleEasy) after the jump.