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”’FightWiki”’ is a Mixed Martial Arts, wiki-style website created by and for the fans. It can be edited by ”anyone”. Here at FightWiki we want to create a website that is run by the knowledgeable MMA community on MMALinker. All you have to do is log in and begin! To get started, just log in and create your own account, and begin to add to the MMA archive that is FightWiki.

”Please log in with your MMALinker account before making any changes.”

Please read the Getting Started page before editing the site.
: Thank you – The FightWiki Team

(Note that FightWiki is not for just fun. We take pride in this site and ask that you don’t put facts in without knowing if it is true or not. Thank you.)

== Main Topics ==

* Fighters (For the fighter’s format, click here.)
* Upcoming MMA Events and Rumors
* MMA Champions
* MMA Organizations
* Fighting Styles
* Weight Divisions
* Common Strikes
* Submissions
* Common Positions
* Fighters Websites

== List of Events ==

===[[Upcoming_MMA_Events_and_Rumors | Upcoming Events]]===

===Previous Events===

* List of Bellator Events
* List of DREAM Events
* [[List of King of the Cage events | List of KOTC Events]]
* [[List of M-1 Events]]
* List of MFC Events
* List of ROC Events
* List of Shark Fights Events
* List of Shooto Events
* List of UFC Events
* List of XFC Events
* Miscellaneous 2013 Events
* Miscellaneous 2012 Events
* Miscellaneous 2011 Events
* Miscellaneous Prior Years Events

* List of Affliction Events (”Defunct”)
* List of EliteXC Events (”Defunct”)
* List of PFC Events (”Defunct”)
* List of PRIDE Events (”Defunct”)
* List of Sengoku Events (”Defunct”)
* List of Strikeforce Events (”Defunct”)
* List of TPF Events (”Defunct”)
* List of WEC Events (”Defunct”)

We have focused a lot of our attention on the Fighters list, focusing particularly on Fighters with upcoming fights, but if there’s a fighter who you would like to be added, click HERE and add who you’d like us to work on.

”’Other Topics”’
* The Ultimate Fighter
* MMA Referees
* MMA Personalities
* [[Teams/Associations]]
* Past.Curren. Champions
* [[MMA T.V. Shows]]

== Workshop ==
Below is a list of pages the FightWiki team would like help creating or could use help working on.
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* [[Assistance Needed Fighters | Fighters]]
* [[Assistance Needed Moves | Moves]]
* [[Assistance Needed Organizations | Organizations]]
* [[Assistance Needed Referees | Referees]]
* [[Assistance Needed Styles | Styles]]


=== FightWiki Team ===
If you have any questions about FightWiki, please post a message for Vollmey here:

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