Name Joe Duarte
Nickname The Hybrid
Association The Arena MMA Team
Weight Class Lightweight
Height 5′ 9″
Style Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Birth Date August 4, 1983
Fighting Out Of San Diego, California, USA
Nationality Guamanian

”’Joe “Hybrid” Duarte”’ is a Chamorro Guamanian mixed martial artist who competes as a Lightweight. He has trained extensively in various combat arts including Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Freestyle Wrestling, Japanese Shootfighting (Shooto), U.S. Army Modern Army Combatives, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Duarte was a contestant on the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) reality show which premiered in September 2008. Joe is currently signed to a six fight contract with the Canada-based fight promotion, Colleseo Championship Fighting. He currently teaches and trains at The Arena (, a San Diego based Mixed Martial Arts center with a professional MMA team which include TUF winner and top ranked UFC lightweight Diego Sanchez, World Extreme CageFighting veteran Rani Yahya, Brazilian National Jiu Jitsu champion Fabricio Camoes, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Absolute World Champion Xande Ribeiro.

== Professional Record ==

Record 10 – 3 – 0 (Win â€Â“ Loss â€Â“ Draw)
Wins 2 (T)KOs
6 Submissions
2 Decisions
Losses 2 (T)KOs
0 Submissions
1 Decisions
Result Opponent Method Event Title Date Round Time Notes
Loss Ryan Couture Decision (Split) Strikeforce Rockhold vs Kennedy 7/14/2012 3 5:00
Win Jorge Gurgel Decision (Unanimous) Strikeforce Challengers 18 Gurgel vs Duarte 8/12/2011 3 5:00
Win Saad Awad Submission (Armbar) Strikeforce Diaz vs Daley 4/09/2011 2 2:45
Win Armando Viramontes Submission NFC: Native Fighting Championship 7 11/5/2010 1 1:12
Win Pablo Diaz TKO (Punches) NFC: Native Fighting Championship 6 8/14/2010 1 0:19
Win Kevin Blackwell Submission (Punches) NFC: Native Fighting Championship 7/3/2010 1 1:31
Loss Carey Vanier TKO (Punches) BFC Bellator Fighting Championships 13 4/8/2010 3 4:14 [[Bellator Season Two Lightweight Tournament | Season Two Lightweight Tournament]] Opening Round; Replaced Janne Tulirinta
Win David Gardner TKO (Punches) War Gods: War Gods 5 5/30/2009 1 2:41
Loss Kenny Raught TKO (Punches) CCF 3: Undisputed 11/28/2008 1 3:07
Win Pierre Dumont Submission (Rear Naked Choke) CCF 2: King of the Streets 10/24/2008 1 1:11
Win Ulfrano Rodriguez Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Unleashed Fight II: Showdown in Cali 3/22/2008 1 1:27 Won Unleashed Fight Lightweight Championship
Win Randy Bowers Submission (Armbar) GP: Galaxy Productions 8/24/2007 1 2:47
Win Chris Kennedy Decision (Split) TC 16: Annihilation 9/09/2006 3 5:00

== Biography ==
=== Early Years ===
Raised by his relatives, Duarte grew up in the village of Dededo, the largest and most densely populated metropolitan center on the island of Guam. Actively involved in sports since the tender age of 6, he led several youth sporting organizations to their respective league championships and was also an avid mountain biker, skateboarder, and waterman. He became involved in the combat arts after being introduced to freestyle/folkstyle wrestling as an eighth-grade student at F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School where he also dabbled in the rudiments of western boxing.
From 1997-2001, Duarte attended Simon A. Sanchez High School in Yigo, Guam where he continued to excel in athletics. In this time, Joe garnered various accolades competing in the DODEA Far East High Schools Wrestling Championships and winning multiple team championships in varsity football, track and field, and men’s soccer in his senior year.

=== Introduction to Mixed Martial Arts ===
Joe began his mixed martial arts training early in high school. Duarte began training in submission grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Purebred Shooto Guam in Hagatna, Guam in 1999. Although a gifted athlete with decent skills as a wrestler, Joe soon learned that the striking game was his key asset especially with his good hands and strong chin. It was in the striking game that became his niche as he trained under the tutelage of Pat “Gori-Chan” Ayuyu, an accomplished lightweight pugilist who also earned a respected following with his debut in the elite K-1 kickboxing organization.

Upon graduation from high school in 2001, Joe dabbled in the local MMA scene that was still a fledgling sport that was dominated by only a select pool of elite fighters. Thus after working a couple of odd jobs and playing community league football, Joe took a chance and decided to leave home in search of better opportunities in the U.S. mainland. With nothing more that the a couple clothes in a bag and $500 dollars in his pockets, Duarte left Guam for Kingsville, Texas in 2002.

After leaving Guam, he made his way out to Texas where he joined up with his cousin who was serving in the United States Navy. While in Texas, Joe used much of his street-savvy skills to earn his way into a professional boxing gym and started training in Corpus Christi, Texas.

=== Military Service ===
Although he was climbing his way up the ranks as a boxer, a desire to serve his country had beckoned at Duarte since he was a child. Soon after his arrival in Texas, Duarte enlisted in the U.S. Army as an infantryman in 2002.

Upon completion of basic training, Duarte earned his basic parachutist wings and the coveted Ranger tab. At the conclusion of initial special operations training, Duarte was called to serve with 1-141 Infantry 3rd Brigade Combat Team out of Fort Riley, Kansas. Duarte served two tours of duty in Iraq from 2003 to 2005 where he distinguished himself as a competent combat leader despite the loss of his close friend, Dean Richardson, during a combat patrol in the heart of Iraq’s infamous Sunni Triangle.

As Duarte recalled in an interview with Around the

: The truth is, is that I did a lot of growing up on April 3, 2005. It’s the day that changed my life forever. After seeing one of your best friends pass away in front of you, it does something to you. I felt responsible and a lot I of times I still do I was actually leading the patrol for alittle while with Dean right behind me and about 3-5 minutes before we got ambushed I had Dean come to the front so I could try and fix the radio. Minutes later the fire fight started and all hell broke loose. I was trapped by myself in the canal closest to the ambush and Dean was on the opposite side. I started moving through the shallow canal in the opposite direction because the enemy knew exactly where I was. After a long period of being by myself and calling for Dean and no one answering, I started losing hope of no one being alive and me dying by myself. I stayed there trapped alone and firing my weapon till I ran out of ammo. Then a little bit after that I hand to swim with all my gear on through a thick muddy part of the canal. I still think up to this day I have never been so tired in my life….not even in training or fighting. I remember taking off my kevlar after that and staring at this picture of Tracey that I kept in there and while they were still firing at me when I was barrelled down in the canal I sat there and looked at the picture and said quietly to myself, Im sorry for being the way I was and I wish I could have made things right. Then about five minutes later I heard Corey Scott and he was standing there firing his weapon with another guy from the squad. They were on the opposite side of the canal and they were amazed that I was still alive. He told me c’mon but every time I stood up to try to run the Iraqis would pin me down with fire. So he said that they were gonna come and get me and I told them no just go on and I’ll be alright because I didn’t want two or three guys dying to save me. I was so exhausted and I’ll never forget the words that Scott said to me he said….”You don’t wanna die in this shit hole, this is not a place you want to die in”. I looked at the picture one more time and I took one last breath and ran my ass up that hill to the other side being fucking shot at the whole time. It felt like a real bad movie….but it was real. I looked around and I see Garner and Hunsberger all wet only wearing their kevlars and nothing else, not even their weapons and I looked at Scott and said where’s Dean and Scott didn’t say anything and then I said “where the fuck is Dean!!” and the words that changed my life forever…..Scott put his head down and said “Dean’s gone Joe”….I went crazy. I’ll never forget that day…it forever changed me. After that day, air smelled different, water tasted different, and I looked at life at a whole other angle.

== Mixed Martial Arts Career ==
Duarte made his professional Mixed Martial Arts debut as a light heavyweight on September 9, 2006 at Total Combat 16: Annihalaiton held at the Ipayone Center in San Diego, California. He went the distance in a three round regulation match against Chris Kennedy where he secured a split decision victory. His next fight took place in the inaugural Unleashed Fight/GP Galaxy fight promotion as a lightweight where he won a first round submission victory via armbar over Randy Bowers. He is the reigning Unleashed Fight Lightweight champion with his phenomenal first round rear naked choke submission victory over Ulfrano Rodriguez on March 22, 2008.

===Early Career/Ultimate Fighter===

Duarte appeared on The Ultimate Fighter reality show against Brooklyn based fighter Phillipe Nover who submitted Joe via rear naked choke in the second round. Considered exhibition contests, the fights on TUF are not reflected upon a professional fighter’s official record and thus Duarte remained undefeated in professional MMA competition (at that time) and improved his record to 4-0 with another submission victory over Pierre Dumont at Colleseo Championship Fighting II: King of the Streets on October 24, 2008. Duarte’s next fight was against Kenny Raught at Colloseo Championship Fighting III: Undisputed on November 28, 2008 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Duarte dominated the entire fight from the sound of the bell until out of sheer desperation, Raught winged a right hand that caught Duarte on the button to give him his first loss of his professional career. On May 30, 2009, Duarte earned his fifth career victory with a first round TKO stoppage of MMA journeyman David Gardner in the latest installment of the WarGods promotion held at the Viejas Casino in Alpine, California.


When Janne Tulirinta was forced out of his fight with Carey Vanier, which was expected to take place on April 8, 2010 at BFC Bellator Fighting Championships 13, due to visa issues, Duarte was picked as a last minute replacement. The bout was the opening round of Bellator’s 2010 Lightweight Tournament. Vanier opened with a series of low kicks that found their mark, and a pair of takedowns secured the fighter the opening frame. Duarte appeared to tire in the second frame, though he did continue forward and scored a few shots on the feet as well as a takedown and a threatening kimura attempt. Vanier had an answer for each move and appeared to remain in control of the fight. Duarte continued to fade in the third, and Vanier unleashed a ferocious assault. Strikes landed frequently and soundly, and Duarte eventually found himself under an assault he couldn’t defend. The referee halted the contest with 46 seconds left in the final frame securing a result for Vanier due to TKO (Punches).


Follwoing his exit from the Bellator Lightweight Tournament, Duarte had three quick wins in the California-based Native Figthing Championships (a combined 3:46 for all three wins). Duarte then returned to fight and submit fellow Bellator veteran Saad Awad with a second-round armbar on the undercard of Strikeforce Diaz vs Daley in April 2011.

Duarte next went on to headline Strikeforce Challengers 18 Gurgel vs Duarte against UFC veteran, Jorge Gurgel. Duarte earned the unanimous decision over Gurgel.

== Personal Life ==
Duarte currently resides in San Diego, California.

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