(Props: MMA THE ZONE via MiddleEasy, once again) As Ace Rothstein might say, the probability on one [double-knockout] is a million-and-a-half to one. On three [fights in a single month] it’s in the billions. It cannot happen, would not happen, you fuckin’ mo-mo, whatsa matta wit you?? The fact that we saw double KO’s twice already in March ”” this clean double-dinger and this epic stumble-fest ”” is a statistical anomaly on par with Wanderlei Silva winning by choke. And bizarrely enough, it almost happened again in a fight between Kerwin Sherrill and Derek Thompson at MCF6 in North Platte, Nebraska, on Saturday. This time, it seemed like the referee’s utter shock is the only thing that prevented him from stopping the fight an immediate no-contest/draw/whatever it is that happens when two guys dummy each other up at the same time. Thompson went on to win the match, and likely claimed that he was never really that hurt in his post-fight interview.