Riddick Bowe was once the boxing heavyweight champion of the world. That was a long time ago. The forty five year-old last fought and won in the boxing ring five years ago. By that time, he was already obese but was still able to out-point journeyman Gene Pukall. Unfortunately, someone was able to convince Bowe to come out of retirement and fight Muay Thai in Thailand yesterday. The result was sad and ugly. Bowe clearly has not been doing any type of physical exercise and showed up not just fat and sloppy, but worn looking all around. The fight went predictably – with Bowe getting dropped over and over by leg kicks, before ultimately not being able to get back to his feet. Knock out via kick to the leg. I don’t know the name of the guy that beat Bowe, and no one really cares. This fight shouldn’t have happened. Bowe clearly is in no shape to compete in any athletic endeavor these days, much less a fight sport that he has no training in. A public workout video (after the jump) before this spectacle foretold the ugly scene that would play out during the fight itself. There ain’t no union for retired fighters. No pensions. There are, however, plenty of bills to pay as well as exploitative promoters.