I’ve always assumed that I wasn’t the target audience for Miller Lite commercials seeing as though I’ve found most of them over the years insipid and dull – too much corn ball, too little actual funny. Plus, there’s always the typical, this beer magically makes every situation better, idea presented that insults your intelligence. This morning, however, I finally found a beer commercial that I actually enjoyed (other than the World’s Most Interesting Man ones, of course). Turns out the secret ingredient for this fight fan to get down with a commercial is Chuck Liddell. I mean, the above commercial is most certainly corny and stupid but, dang it, I chuckled out loud watching Chuck Liddell get his friends the royal treatment while out on the town simply by his presence. We’re not sure if we’re meant to understand Liddell’s special treatment as people being afraid of him or their simply recognizing him as rich and famous. Either way, Liddell manages to score brews, restaurant seats, hotel rooms and dolphin rides for his crew. His acting is also getting better as he looked like he really was having a good time partying with bros. Either that or The Iceman didn’t know he was in a commercial and just thought it was another typical day in his VP life. – Elias Cepeda