(Scroll ahead to the 4-minute mark for the action. Props to MiddleEasy for the find.)  Back in 2008, double knockouts were all the rage in the MMA world, the way sucker punch knockouts are blowing up on the hipster-music-and-film-festival scene nowadays. And like those skinny jean-wearing, liberal-arts majoring leaders of tomorrow, it appears that MMA fighters enjoy bringing back retro trends years before they can be declared retro as well. Just last week, we were treated to a beautifully timed double knockout at Galaxy Fight Night IV, and over the weekend, the trend continued when Jay Jackson and Owen Martin collided at Steel City MMA. Interestingly enough, the craziest thing about this double KO was the fact that both men didn’t crash to the canvas at the same time despite landing simultaneous punches. Instead, Martin drops like a sack of potatoes while Jackson opts to stanky leg for a few seconds before falling face first into Martin in an attempt to finish him off. The ref quickly pulls Jackson off and eventually awards him the TKO victory (by virtue of him staying on his feet longer, we guess), but not before Jackson stumbles around the ring like a college freshman at his first kegger and faceplants a final time. Although we usually prefer to save our matchmaking abilities for the upper-level cards, if we had to pick an opponent to match Jackson up with next, we’d go with the guy who got choked out in the first round before scoring a TKO in the second. Weight classes be damned; this fight will come as close to a scene out of The Walking Dead as we will ever get in MMA, and I am willing to risk as many lives as necessary to see that scenario play out. -J. Jones