(Props: LukeCummo13. You’ve got some competition, Quinn.) By Matt Saccaro “Whatever happened to that guy?” is a common question MMA fans ask about retired or forgotten fighters. Usually, the answer is boring and mundane ”” except when Luke Cummo is involved. Cummo‘s exploits outside the cage have gotten consistently more entertaining as time has gone on. One day he‘s getting busted for a DWI, the next day he‘s snorting urine. Now, he‘s reforming (and hating) the sport of mixed martial arts. “It‘s called MMA but it‘s very dangerous. Trust me. I‘ve been there. It‘s damaging ”” to children”¦As a parent, I would never recommend fighting for somebody‘s baby,” Cummo said in a recent video on his YouTube channel that you can watch above. “It‘s a mindless, stupid industry profiting from the spilled blood of the innocent, honest to god.” Cummo took issue with MMA gloves and how they don‘t protect people from knees and elbows, as well as the inherent violence in MMA. “You have to put on gloves”¦but then you‘re gonna kick and you‘re gonna knee and you‘re gonna elbow the other guy ”” somebody‘s baby. There‘s no padding on those things”¦and that‘s another living being over there, a precious life. I feel for you as a soldier. I used to be one. You‘re not a stupid beast. Nobody is. You‘re not a programmable killing machine. You are, still, now and for all time, your parent‘s baby to be cherished and nourished, not to kill or be killed. That‘s old school, we‘re cutting edge over here.”