UFC 160 promised a night of lightweight might, heavyweight splendor and all-around fireworks. Needless to say, it lived up to expectations. By the time the dust settled, we had two freshly minted No. 1 contenders, a slew of spectacular finishes — including another entry into 2013’s spinning back kick catalog — and yet another dominant performance from the man dubbed the baddest on the planet. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there was plenty to take away from UFC 160. The road map is clearer, and like always, along the way a slew of professional fighters hopped aboard to enjoy the ride. Instead of 25 minutes of ground and pound and out positioning”¦ we got 81 seconds of ass whopping. Awesome fight. #UFC160 ”” Joe Lauzon (@JoeLauzon) May 26, 2013 What a bad stoppage it’s a title fight c’mon ”” Michael Johnson (@FollowTheMenace) May 26, 2013 Quick work by the champion #velasquez ”” Pascal Krauss (@pascalkrauss) May 26, 2013 Good stoppage 11 unanswered strikes! @cainmma ”” Jamie Varner (@jamievarner) May 26, 2013 #Velasquez is gonna keep that @ufc belt for a while I reckon. Would’ve liked to have seen #bigfoot get a lil more time to recoup tho. ”” Kenny Florian (@kennyflorian) May 26, 2013 Easy work for the big homie ”” John Moraga (@chicanojohn) May 26, 2013 @bigfootsilva levanta a cabeça campeão ”” Vitor Belfort (@vitorbelfort) May 26, 2013 @bigfootsilva e isso ai parceiro levante a cabeça pois quem lhe acompanha e e seu fã como eu n muda em nada, sei q e um campeão abraco ”” Rony Mariano Bezerra (@RonyJasonMMA) May 26, 2013 Nothing wrong with the stoppage. Can’t take damage like that without improving position or defending yourself. That said- I wanted more. ”” Kyle Kingsbury (@Kingsbu) May 26, 2013 Would big foot be asleep after another 2 or 3 punches? Maybe so, but I think in a title fight, the ref stopped it kinda early. ”” Vinny Magalhaes (@VinnyMMA) May 26, 2013 Man this Mario Yamazaki cannot be a referee ….Esse Mario Yamazaki ñ dar chances ! ”” Raphael Assuncao (@RaphaAssuncao) May 26, 2013 F!!!! Congrats to @cainmma true champ. Only time ill roll against him. Hold your head @bigfootsilva we love u here brother! #ATTNation @ufc ”” Tyron T-Wood Woodley (@TWooodley) May 26, 2013 Cain don’t mess around ! #UFC160 ”” Derek Brunson (@DerekBrunsonMMA) May 26, 2013 Man championship fight u gotta be sure, Mario. #UFC160 ”” Jason Highwalker(@KCBanditMMA) May 26, 2013 Come on yamazaki..you gotta let em fight ”” Mike Brown (@mikebrownmma) May 26, 2013 YEAR OF THE SPINNING BACK KICK Wow no way! Crazy!! #ufc160 ”” Chris Weidman (@ChrisWeidmanUFC) May 26, 2013 Spinning head kick is the new jab#UFC160 ”” Joseph Benavidez (@JoeJitsu) May 26, 2013 JDSWOW NICE SHOT:-):-) ”” Melvin Guillard (@Young__Assassin) May 26, 2013 Awesome ending to the main event. JDS is a monster and I love that he didn‘t play it safe and try to coast. #UFC160 ”” Joe Lauzon (@JoeLauzon) May 26, 2013 If @junior_cigano punched me as hard as he just punched mark hunt I would poop my pants #truestory ”” Phil Davis (@PhilMrWonderful) May 26, 2013 Wowzers! I was somehow scared for my own life watching the end of the co-main… #UFC160 #thismaniscrazy #[email protected] ”” Phil Davis (@PhilMrWonderful) May 26, 2013 5$ to anyone that can teach me a front flip axe kick. At this rate… It will work ”” David Rickels (@TheCaveman316) May 26, 2013 Mark Hunt .. #respect ”” Cosmo Alexandre (@CosmoAlexandre) May 26, 2013 wooww beautiful flash KO by Junior dos Santos!!!! Crazyyyyyy ”” Douglas Lima (@PhenomLima) May 26, 2013 Ummmmmm…so that was kind of a war. #DosSantos #Hunt #UFC160 I’m an even bigger fan of #JDS & #Hunt after this one. #Beasts ”” Kenny Florian (@kennyflorian) May 26, 2013 #Karate guys are loving these spinning wheel kicks KO’s. Now I get to spend an additional 45 minute talking to overweight masters. Thx.