In the end, all the hype in the world couldn’t help Nick Diaz. UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre dominated UFC 158’s main event from pillar to post, landing nine of his 16 takedown attempts, outstriking Diaz 210 to 80 (according to Fightmetric), and claiming all five rounds on the judges’ scorecards to retain his title for the eighth consecutive time. The win was St-Pierre’s 18th in the UFC, a mark that ties him with his former rival, Matt Hughes, as the most in the promotion’s history. Up next for the Canadian will be Johny Hendricks, the bearded four-time All-American who solidified his status as No. 1 contender with a thrilling, ”ËœFight of the Year’ candidate victory over Carlos Condit in UFC 158’s co-main event. Add in an explosive first-round knockout courtesy of fellow top-10 welterweight Jake Ellenberger, and there was plenty to talk about on Saturday night. Hats off to #GSP for keeping his composure tonight #Champion ”” Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) March 17, 2013 Wrestling wins another one!! #saveolympicwrestling ”” Dan Henderson (@danhendo) March 17, 2013 Wow… Anyone looking to learn applicable wrestling to MMA… Take notes lol ”” Michael McDonald (@MaydayMcDonald) March 17, 2013 I saw more viscous things happen at the youth wrestling tourney! ”” Ben Askren (@Benaskren) March 17, 2013 After tonight I am 100% sure I could beat GSP @dukeroufus ”” Ben Askren (@Benaskren) March 17, 2013 A fighter, who takes the fight to the ground, has one mission. The other has two! ”” Siyar The Great (@SiyarTheGreat) March 17, 2013 GSP o/ ”” Edson Barboza (@EdsonBarbozaJR) March 17, 2013 Good sport @nickdiaz209 congrats to the champ gsp ”” Roy Nelson (@roynelsonmma) March 17, 2013 One sided!! Diaz tried a cheap shot…really? Lets fight like men! ”” Eddie Wineland(@EddieWineland) March 17, 2013 I think Diaz has some kind of mental handicap! Know ur place and act normal man! ”” Eddie Wineland(@EddieWineland) March 17, 2013 Dude gsp fricken stand and fight… boringgggggg ”” Tony Ferguson (@TonyFergusonXT) March 17, 2013 Nick Diaz better not retire. He is one of my favorite fighters #UFC 158 ”” John Dodson III (@JohnDodsonMMA) March 17, 2013 GSP is to Diaz as smallpox are to the American/Shawnee Indians. #UFC158 ”” Tim Kennedy (@TimKennedyMMA) March 17, 2013 You talk”¦take this jab while you‘re at it. #ComeOnSon #UFC158 ”” Jason Highwalker(@KCBanditMMA) March 17, 2013 Retirement talk”¦..again”¦. #UFC158 I‘d be a little disappointed if he retired but damn either do it or don‘t. ”” Jason Highwalker(@KCBanditMMA) March 17, 2013 I know how Diaz feels right now from rolling with @philmrwonderful #frustrating ”” Travis Browne (@travisbrowneMMA) March 17, 2013 I really wish knees to the head of a grounded opponent were allowed. It would change the whole sport and the strategy and games people play. ”” Aaron Riley (@aaronrileymma) March 17, 2013 Damn George put the worse beating on Diaz anyone has ever seen