Before Mark Munoz and Gegard Mousasi meet in the main event from the O2 World in Berlin, Germany, we’ll take a closer look inside the matchup between “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” and “The Dreamcatcher” on Sat., MAY 31, 2014.

Mousasi will be looking to mix things up with straights and hooks from long range. I think he knows enough on the ground to shrug off anything Munoz throws his way this weekend. His opponent is sort of tentative in the stand-up realm, and I’m sure Mousasi knows how to capitalize on any rookie error he makes in punching exchanges. A few years ago, people considered Mousasi an underrated light-heavyweight. Today, he’s considered by many to be overrated after uninspired showings in the fights with Machida and Illir Latifi.

Munoz may not think so, but this is a classic striker vs grappler match-up that will come down to who can do the most damage. As he’s proven in the past with 18 KO wins, Mousasi is more than capable of dropping fools if they get too close. And if Munoz wants to drop down when he’s wobbled, he’d better beware of the Dreamcatcher’s nasty submission game on the ground, although I don’t see him committing to anything on the ground because of Munoz’s outstanding wrestling background. He’ll most likely take the easier road and try to lay The Filipino Wrecking Machine out with heavy shots.

The No. 7 ranked Munoz certainly poses a threat in his wrestling, but that may not be so effective in the later rounds when both fighters start to slow down and box things out. The saddest part is Munoz does actually have some decent power that could problem lead him to success here if he chose to use it with precision, mixing in jabs, feints, and takedowns to set up that big right hand. He’s just not very fluid in that department.

Look for Mousasi to clip Munoz in the first round to earn his opponent’s respect in the stand-up, either forcing him to hide in a shell or shoot some takedowns. The problem is once he realizes he can’t hang with the Dreamcatcher, he’s gonna be shooting from way too far outside because he won’t be comfortable enough to set up the takedowns with strikes. Once Mousasi has him hurt, he will either methodically pick his opponent apart before stopping him in round two or three. Should Munoz take the same route Tim Kennedy did in his fight with Michael Bisping — where he grinded the brit down for five rounds and even rocked him throughout the fight — then it’s anybody’s match.

My money is on Mousasi adding to Munoz’s gag reel that Matt Hamill, Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida started.

Prediction- Mousasi by KO