Following the fight between Tim Kennedy and Roger Gracie will be a featherweight affair. The UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman  pay-per-view will be co-headlined by the former  lightweight champion Frankie “The Answer” Edgar, who will be standing across from the young Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu boss, Charles “Do Bronx” Oliveira. For Oliveira, his only victories in the Octagon have come by way of submission. Unfortunately, Edgar hasn’t been stopped in twenty fights, and has shown extreme resiliency when he gets stunned with big power strikes.

It’s safe to say this is the easiest fight to pick on the entire main card. You’ve got Edgar on one side — who hasn’t been finished in fights with more accomplished fighters who were far more skilled than Do Bronx. Then there’s Oliveira, who has been out of action since an embarrassing first-round technical knockout loss to Cub Swanson, so not only has he been less active than the Answer, but he is coming off a fight where he really couldn’t even get anything going.

Edgar will have exactly three hours & 40 minutes of fight time on Oliveira, not to mention the six-footer and former lightweight couldn’t even make weight for his last fight. In addition to a ten-month layoff, some sources say Do Bronx is already looking like Skellator four days out. This means if Edgar can wear on him like he usually does to everyone, Oliveira could shrivel sooner than later, much like his pitiful performance against Swanson in his last outing.

Oliveira doesn’t stand a chance here, he’s just your classic BJJ/Muay Thai stylist, with no wrestling to speak of. Many strong submission finishers will not shy away from falling to their backs to lock up armbars or triangle, but fighters with only one way to win a match are slowly fading away from the game, a lot like Pat Barry.

The Answer’s innate ability to absorb punishment and keep fighting, along with his NCAA Division I wrestling background, allows him to perform in either area — both standing and on the ground — but Edgar says he’s made plans to test out his stand-up game.

Will Oliveira’s strikes prove to be more effective than Gray Maynard or Jose Aldo’s?

Not a chance.

He’s not even in the same leauge as Edgar, doesnt’ have anywhere near the amount of experience that the Answer has. Not only that, but the former champ still carries the ambition to climb his way back up the ladder.

All the ingredients are there to make sure Do Bronx will be in a world of hurt on the night of July 6.