Think He‘s Saying ”ËœHappy Birthday‘Hey @Cowboycerrone welcome to being an old ass man! Enjoy the pains that come with being a thirty something fighter  -Isaac Vallie-Flagg ” Tim Kennedy‘s Mind. Proceed with CautionYes I am shopping from bed and YES I am seriously considering buying this genuine leather USA flag fanny pack. I were to have to ride into battle on my fearless steed. I would want it to be a unicorn. -Tim Kennedy ”Oh Snap!Just saw a family of four grab some gas station hot dogs for breakfast. They must be reading @HypeOrDie latest book on nutrition.  -Daniel Downes ”Internet 2013: Still Mostly Cats This had me rolling -Daron Cruickshank ”  -Julie Kedzie ”Good grappling this morning! Reflexes like a cat!  -Joseph BenavidezCat people probz  -Daron Cruickshank ”Mark Your Chaelendar  30 – the days left until the fall of your champion and the rise of the DARKSIDE #UFC159 #4/27/13 28 – The IQ of anyone who questions that I’m the baddest man walking around this or any other planet. My coronation awaits. #UFC159 #4/27/13 -Chael Sonnen Last Call ProblemsI askd God to help me find my wallet. 2 min later I get a phone call frm Massage Envy they found my wallet underneath the table I was on.Note to self: Stop getting undressed so violently. -Danny Castillo ” KenFu? KungFlo?Check out this #tbt pic of me & my brothers circa 1988. I’m dead center. Due to its hilarity, its prob”¦   -Kenny Florian ”Bang vs Thong. Make it Happen, Joe Silva!Thong keeps smacking his lips like SOB! How do u say STFU in Thai again?! -Duane Ludwig ”One TUF is Not Enough!TUF Brasil is back with English subtitles – see the premiere, featuring the first 7 elimination bouts, at  -UFC Totelly Awthentic Spelling errors just provide authenticity -Forrest Griffin ”Sweet and Tender HooliganI may act tough, but I got a lot of feelings, and you hurt damn near everyone of them! -John Maguire