Ike Knows How to Woo a LadyRomance with my lady @shi_twn http://instagram.com/p/XJT4rjyJWK/  -Isaac Vallie-Flagg ” Could Be Anyone. Anyone at All”¦ named Chael P. SonnenName the headliner who said this: I’m gonna run through Jon Jones. http://on.ufc.com/Zgq6uv -UFC ”Tim Kennedy is Not Like Everyone ElseI had the sweetest dream… Terrorists, zombies, home invasion robbers… I hated waking up. 🙁 It has taken three years for my neighbors to stop calling the cops when I run down the road wearing a wrestling singlet and a gas mask. -Tim Kennedy ”Wish You Were Here. P. S. POW!Somedays I wake up and think to myself I wish @travisbrowneMMA was here…..so I could punch him right in the face! #CubvsGoliath  -Cub Swanson ”@CubSwanson back at ya buddy.  -Travis Browne ”Wait ”ËœTil She Learns SubmissionsMy alarm is London jumping butt first on my head http://instagr.am/p/XH8DpRTFlJ/ -Ian McCall ”AKA: BENBERTRT @ufc Just realized this is exactly one month away and got all excited @UFConFOX #FOX7 #Champions pic.twitter.com/8rWUA9oXrn MELENDERSON!  -Joseph Benavidez ”Your Meager Phone Can‘t Handle the BurtnessVideo from coach @DUANEBANGCOM of Burt Watson pumping me up while walking out.  -TJ Dillashaw ”That‘s Pretty Extreme, BroIf you dont tape ur MMA gloves while grappling I hope u drive a SUV that only takes premium gas.  -Danny Castillo ” Fashion Changes, Style is ForeverOld K-1 MAX Pic from 04 I think. @BasRuttenMMA Shirt is awesome pic.twitter.com/dLlt0nMiFR -Duane Ludwig ”Aren‘t They All?Yup, it’s a Hall and Oates kinda day  -Mitch Clarke ”The Shanky 1000: Cat-Loving Combat CyborgHeaded to the nose doctor this morning. Maybe some how I can get metal legs out of this deal. Wish me luck.Doc said the metal leg operation was too risky, and my nose is smashed in. Now they want to scan my cat or did he say cat scan. I don’t know   -Daron Cruickshank ”You Suck! I‘m a Big Fan.You know I come on twitter to talk to people/fans and i just get abused. I love it!  -Stipe Miocic Mike Thick SwickOMG look what I just found! Hanging w/ @chuckliddell way back when I was #ChunkyMonkey! Lol http://instagr.am/p/XAtVHWglCa/  -Mike Quick Swick ”