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There are a lot of good fighters out there and a lot of action-packed fights happening that aren‘t being televised by professional organizations. The skill might not match the likes of the Anderson Silva‘s and George St. Pierre‘s, but the fighting spirit and brawling instinct of the men on this list are right up there with big name warriors. Let‘s have a look at some of the studs lighting up the underground fight scene. This is the top ten best unsanctioned fights, part two. And here”¦ we”¦ go!

#10- Ground transitions

The fight was somewhat boring, but check out the nice transition by the smaller guy on the bottom to secure mount.

#9- Punches in Bunches

Talk about flurries. These guys throw some fast hands! The bald man eventually gets his opponent against the ropes and unleashes a vicious set of punches that earn him the stoppage. BANG!

#8- Spinning Backfist

This fight made the list due to the fact that an average kid landed a clean spinning backfist in a backyard brawl, which in itself is impressive. That same kid eventually goes on to sink an arm-in guillotine and forces his opponent to tap. Well done.

#7- Ground Skills

The winner of this fight proved he‘s got some skills. Though his punches weren‘t the most technical, when the fight hit the ground he proved he knew what he was doing. After a failed takedown, the kid in yellow shorts works his way to gaining mount and finishes off his opponent with some punches to earn the stoppage.

#6- Sticking with it

An underground Bruce Leroy is still a dangerous fighter. Bruce is put through a battle as his opponent seems to be significantly stronger, but after getting slammed a couple times and still holding on to a deep triangle, Bruce proves technique is still superior and finishes his opponent off with the beautiful submission.

#5- Grappling 101

Although his fight stance was a little weird, when this fight hit the ground the hairy beast also proved he‘s got some serious experience dominating his opponent with transition skill, eventually earning mount and landing a couple punches to force the tap.

#4- Head-Kick Knockout

After making his opponent to quickly tap with a guillotine, this tattooed slugger decided to give it another go. Unfortunately, he disturbingly gets caught with a brutal head-kick in the beginning frame of the second bout that left him completely unconscious. Flash KO!

#3- Nice Stand-Up Skills

This is a stand-up war, and the winner of this fight has got some skills: hands up high, nice clean, crisp striking, a brutal a knockout, and a continued beating. Very impressive!

#2- Dominance

The loser of this bout never really had a chance. Standing or on the ground, he was completely outclassed and manhandled. The aggressor proved he‘s got some serious fight in him as he pounded on his unlucky opponent wherever the fight went.

#1- Flawless victory

Everybody loves a one-punch knockout victory and everyone respects the man who possesses the power to deliver one.  The first punch landed in the fight was oddly enough also the last punch landed in the fight. Ouch.