In a world of sky-rocketing testosterone and men trying to prove they are the most dominant when it comes to physically punishing someone, a high percentage of the best and most skilled fighters are in major professional MMA organizations, and get paid to showcase their skills for our entertainment on television or at a live event.  However, there’s still some raw talent walking the streets of the unsanctioned fight world. This list counts down the top ten greatest unsanctioned fights.

#10 Backyard high school brawl

#9 Angry security guard gives thug a lesson in technical striking

#8 Backyard brawl between flashy striker and power puncher

#7 One- sided backyard beating

#6 Versatility

The title says it all.

#5 Grappling dominance

This fight showcases one fighter’s superior grappling skills.

#4 Brutal thug street fight

I don’t know what’s more entertaining about this fight: the vicious finish or the audience’s commentary.

#3 Punching power

This fight, well, wasn’t much of a fight.

#2 Young Russian with a well-rounded game

This young brawler proves he’s been training MMA.

#1 Explosive finish

There is nothing more entertaining than watching a fighter finish a bout instantaneously with an explosive barrage of punches, and that is exactly what this video is. Enjoy.