Jon Jones

It’s hard to imagine that is has been 25 days without a UFC card. For a moment there it appeared that the UFC was overwhelming the fans and their limited wallet sizes. I’ve seen several complaints of fans arguing that the UFC is putting on too many cards, charging too high for tickets, and not having high enough quality. I will admit, August was a rather lack-luster month for MMA as we were only treated to two UFC cards; UFC on FOX 4, and UFC 150.

While those cards may have been fairly solid cards, there has been a massive void in action since August 11th. Could this be due to the cancellation of UFC 151, which was scheduled to take place September 1st? You bet!

Not to put any more negativity towards Jon Jones‘s decisions of declining willing challengers, but because of him he left a massive hole in the rising momentum left by UFC on FOX 4 and UFC 150.

I’m sure I won’t be the only one looking at UFC 152 as a sort of “new season” of MMA this year. Given UFC 152 will proceed as scheduled, it will mark a 47-day hiatus. That’s a long time without UFC action! If you’re a fight fan who is blood thirsty for action at least twice a month, than I’m sure you feel my pain.

It’s not just the UFC that seems to be on a break, but the whole sport of MMA in general. We had one solid non-Zuffa card in One FC: Pride of a Nation, and even that ended with some disinterest. In terms of “MMA drama”, there has been the story of the UFC 151 cancellation, but even that is getting boring to talk about as it’s been beaten to death for the past several days.

At least the UFC returns with a bang as UFC 152 looks to be one of the most promising cards of the year, followed by a more-than-capable UFC card in England at the end of the month. Until then, any of you feeling the same sense of eagerness for more action can share it with me as we desperately hold on until the last couple weeks of September.

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