10Number of pro bouts Georges St-Pierre has fought in his home province of Quebec, where he’s gone undefeated. 9Number of wins over a past or present UFC or Strikeforce champion 8Number of times St-Pierre has defended his welterweight title, tying Matt Hughes’ record for most 170-pound title defenses 7Age at which St-Pierre started karate lessons 6Number of fighters at UFC 46, the event where St-Pierre made his Octagon debut, who are still in the UFC. 5Approximate time, in hours, that GSP has fought in the Octagon (exact number: 5 hours, 3 minutes and 12 seconds), second only to BJ Penn. 4GSP’s rank in best takedown defense and highest strike differential (the ratio of blows landed to those absorbed) 3Rank of Georges St-Pierre among UFC fighters with the best striking defense 2Total number of career losses, both of them coming in UFC title fights — compared to 24 wins 1Rank of George St-Pierre among all UFC fighters in takedown accuracy, total number of UFC wins, career takedowns, significant strikes landed and total strikes landed.Sources: FightMetric, GSPOfficial.com