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This isn’t the first time Chael has found himself getting exactly what he wanted. For the past few years Chael has turned into a photogenic, media-loving politic who has used his intelligent social skills to leap frog his way into the spotlight. However, could this be Chael’s last attempt? His last chance? For a lot of fans, we hope so. For others, we can’t get enough of him! The stakes are high for the “West Lynn Gangster”, but he should be used to it by now.

A lot of questions have been risen concerning Chael Sonnen; does he really believe what he says? Does he tell the truth? What exactly does he plan to do if he loses? Well, I’m not even sure he knows the answer to any of those. Sonnen is a “master of media”, and has exploited an area of business that allows him to be portrayed as more than he is. It’s genius, really. But how long can this continue? He was already given a second chance at Anderson Silva, for many, that was generous. And now he’s been given an out-of-nowhere title shot against the light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Should he fail, he may not be able to use his infamous personality to gain himself much more.

Heading into this fight at about a 6-to-1 underdog, you’d think he doesn’t have much to lose, but he does. Sonnen’s entire career has been aimed at achieving UFC gold, and if he doesn’t get it tonight, he probably never will. He’s has two chances at middleweight, and now he’s getting a chance at 205; a division that is stacked with cut-throat contenders who have all mostly felt leap-frogged by Chael Sonnen. If Sonnen loses by anything other than DQ, don’t expect a rematch.

Another aspect to think about is where Chael would be if he loses. Surely he will have windows at both middleweight and light-heavyweight, but what would he be? Some would probably a gate keeper, some would say a top contender. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out what Sonnen’s career will have in store for him. He could even possibly retire! I’m sure many people would like that, and he’s most likely set for life financially.

A lot of questions sprout concerning Chael Sonnen but one thing is certain; Sonnen is on his last straw for title shots, and this could be the last time we see Chael P. in the spotlight. A lot of people hope that he’ll just shrivel up and die in the MMA world, and others hope for him to stick around and continue to “shake things up”. But whatever happens tonight, Chael Sonnen isn’t going to go down easy.