Alexander Gustafsson

Originally scheduled for only 15 minutes due to regulations held by the SMMAF (Sweden Mixed Martial Arts Foundation), the highly-awaited bout between top Swede fighter, Alexander Gustafsson, and the talented Armenian vagabond, Gegard Mousasi, will now be set for 25 following a request from the Martial Arts Delegation at the County Board of Orebro. (According to


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The bout is marked to take place in Gustafsson’s home territory of Stockholm, Sweden; A place where Gustafsson already has one win at in the UFC. Gegard is no stranger to fighting in unfamiliar venues however as he has competed in 9 different countries while racking up a record of 33-3-2.

This fight is highly anticipated by most MMA fans who know of the debuting Armenian as these two fighters’ styles are destined to clash in an entertaining match up that could possibly produce the 205 lb division’s next top contender.

But enough of the background story, what does this recent update mean? Well, obviously the fight could potential last longer, a whole 2 rounds longer! But will that even make a difference? There is distinct possibility that this fight could end in a rapid flurry from either fighter as they both possess the striking capabilities of putting eachother down for the count. So whom does this scheduling change favor (if anyone)?

Well, I think it favors the fans most importantly. This is probably one of the most personally anticipated moments of the year so far and it would really suck to have these two fighters go at it for just 3 rounds and have it end, and then have the judges play “eenie-meenie-miney-mo” to predict the winner based on how equally matched up they are. There is a strong chance that these two could be neck-and-neck in terms of skill level, so I think we NEED an extra 2 rounds for these two.

However, you must look at cardio when seeing whom it would favor between the two fighters. Gustafsson’s cardio has been shown to be fairly solid; he slows down a little bit but then again, he spends a lot of energy throwing punches, moving, and being an exciting fight. With Mousasi, his cardio has been hit-or-miss.

We’ve seen him showcase good conditioning at middleweight, but we’ve also seen him fairly sluggish at heavier weight classes. As of late (specifically his last outing against Mike Kyle), he took some decent criticism on his stand up as he was labeled as “slow” and “sloppy” against the dangerous AKA fighter despite winning in the first round by RNC.

Whether this fight is an all-out-war for the full 25 minutes, or whether it is over in the first minute, this fight is destined to be exciting and destined to produce a legitimate threat to the belt holder. Thanks for reading!