Herschel Walker was interviewed recently, and said that he would like to fight in the UFC. In short, I don’t think it should happen. He may be a tremendous athlete and rain with one of the best MMA teams out there in American Kickboxing Academy, but his lack of experience is just too much to overcome, either at light-heavyweight or heavyweight. Typically, the UFC doesn’t take fighters unless they have 10, 12 fights under their belts. Walker has two professional fights. Also, he is now 51 and hasn’t fought in a little more than two years. However, his popularity cannot be denied, and maybe the UFC will sign him, as they did James Toney, who had no experience as an MMA fighter, although Toney-Couture was probably set to send a message to boxing. Anyway, maybe it will depend on how much noise Walker makes to get a fight.

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