(Video via YouTube.com/CagePotato. Subscribe, dammit!) At the age of 47, BJJ legend (and retired MMA fighter) Royler Gracie is preparing to return to competition later this year at Metamoris 3 (date/venue TBA), in a grappling rematch with Eddie Bravo. In this interview following the match announcement at Metamoris 2 earlier this month, CagePotato reporter Elias Cepeda recaps the first meeting between Royler and Eddie back in 2003 ”” which made Eddie Bravo’s name overnight and legitimized his forward-thinking approach to jiu-jitsu ”” and gets Royler’s take on their second meeting ten years later. As Royler puts it, I’m not trying to make history, I’m already part of history. For more behind-the-scenes videos and MMA interviews, please visit CagePotato’s YouTube channel.