(MacDonald would have likely earned a title shot with a win over Condit, and has now gone down with an undisclosed injury. Methinks something foul is afoot.)  Thus far, 2013 has been a year surprisingly bereft of injuries, at least in the MMA community. Sure, there have been a couple of withdrawals here and there, but a UFC 151- level crisis? Nothing of the sort. And while we can be thankful that the first major injury of 2013 isn’t anywhere near as devastating to the upcoming UFC 158 card as Hendo’s was to UFC 151, it still leaves the card without a co-main event and minus a key rematch in the welterweight division. We are talking, of course, about Rory MacDonald and Carlos Condit, who were set to meet for the second time at UFC 158 in a rematch of their thrilling brawl at UFC 115. Unfortunately, news broke earlier today that MacDonald has gone down with an undisclosed injury and will be forced to delay his shot at redemption, if he receives it at all. MMAFighting reports: According to multiple sources close to the fight, MacDonald suffered an undisclosed injury in training recently, which has forced the young Canadian fighter to withdraw from his fight against Condit at UFC 158. No opponent has been signed to replace MacDonald against Condit next month. As of now, he is still expected to compete on the card. As of this writing, no replacement opponent has been named for Condit. When questioned on what he thought could be the possible cause of his injury, MacDonald reportedly exclaimed, Stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now, before quickly exiting the room to return some videotapes. A strange turn of events indeed. Featuring seven welterweight fights, it remains to be seen who could possibly be promoted to co-main event status in MacDonald’s absence. [UPDATE] Scratch that, it is now being reported that Condit will in fact face Johny Hendricks in MacDonald’s absence — arguably just as interesting a matchup as Condit/MacDonald II in our opinion. Arguably. This move has left Jake Ellenberger without a dance partner for UFC 158, as a replacement opponent has yet to be named. We will update you on Ellenberger’s sitauation as soon as the details are made available. -J. Jones