If watching two dudes stare ominously at each other from inches away whilst using a microphone to communicate is your thing, then BOY DO WE HAVE A VIDEO FOR YOU. After signing a dual contract with Bellator and TNA wrestling ala Muhammed King Mo Lawal earlier this week, former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Rampage Jackson made his big debut with the latter last night. And if he was hoping that being a professional MMA fighter would earn him some of that respect he’s always talking about in the world of wrasslin’, he was…right, we guess? Rampage could barely get out one of his signature howls before being challenged by Kurt Angle (a.k.a Koba) — a close-talker if there ever was one — who vehemently declared that Page get off his plane or some such nonsense. This lead to a heated staredown which ended with Page laying the smackdown on Kurt’s candy ass shaking Angle’s hand like a gentleman??! Jesus, if we ever needed any evidence that Rampage has truly lost the fire, this is it. The Rampage of old would have at least promised us some black on white crime before commenting on Angle’s stank bref. Pour one out for a fallen friend, Potato Nation… -J. Jones