Currently ranked number six in New England at 170 pounds, Chip “The Surgeon” Moraza-Pollard is a surging prospect to keep your eyes on. At just 24-years old, and with a record of 7-4, the young warrior representing Plymouth, M.A. and the Cape Cod Fighting Alliance is ready to take his fighting career to the next level.

Can you tell us about your training background and how you got started in the martial arts?

“My mom was a martial artist, so naturally I got into it myself. When I was six years old she let me pick a school to begin my training. I was training traditional Okinawan karate until about age 14, competing in tournaments through all those years.”

What is your motivation, what drives you to fight?

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve been inspired by warrior cultures, such as samurai and gladiators, and getting in the cage is the closest you can come to being a modern day gladiator. Martial arts is something I’ve always loved and if your fighting for the wrong reasons, and not the love of getting in there and going to battle, you shouldn’t be doing it”

Can you tell us about your coaches, teammates and camp?

“My main coaches are Mike Gresh and Pat Schultz. I train alongside the new CFX heavyweight champ, Juliano Coutinho who is also my jiu- jitsu coach, Pierry Pierre who is another great up and coming welterweight out of CCFA, and Andres Jeudi who also trains out of our team Sityodong in Boston. CCFA here in Plymouth and Sityodong in Boston is really just one giant team, and between our two camps we have tons of rising prospects that people should be keeping an eye on as well. I’m just beginning to introduce strength training into my regimen, I’ve been able to win fights off of skill and technique and natural ability. Now I’ll be introducing strength training so that I will be able to continue to evolve.”

Thus far, which victory has been your most satisfying?

“I’d have to say my win over Joey Rivera, who competed on the Ultimate Fighter. I took the fight on short notice in Atlantic City, he was undefeated, and I was able to go in there and land some brutal shots, cut him open, the doctor stopped it and I earned the TKO victory. It was a nice win.”

What are some of your favorite fighters?

“I’m a striker myself, I throw technical, clean strikes. I’m precise with my shots. That’s why they call me the ‘Surgeon’, so I like guys that bring the fight and are great strikers. Fighters like Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, and Anthony Pettis.”

Do you see yourself continuing to pursue this profession and eventually fighting for a big-time organization like the UFC or Bellator?

“I do see myself eventually fighting for a major organization, and after that I want to teach. I love the martial arts and it will always be a part of my life.”