29 year old Pierry Pierre, from Port-au-Prince, Haiti is another stud coming out of the CCFA Plymouth, Sityodtong Boston alliance in Massachusetts. The stacked camp has a collection of talented warriors headed by skilled coaches, and Pierre is a polished product filled with potential ready to take on the MMA scene. He has been lucky enough to already grace the stage of a giant fight promotion such as Bellator, and he plans to continue putting on a show for fans.

Can you tell us at how you got started in the martial arts?

“In the Caribbean martials arts is pretty big, but the main martial art they practice out there is judo. They also have general karate, and when I was little I never really liked judo too much and I just wanted to strike. My mom put me in a regular karate class. Then when I moved to the United States my mom put me in a Shotokan karate class in New Jersey. I attended a couple tournaments and I did pretty well. By 21 I went off for college so I stopped training for a while. When I was 23, I was watching TV and a clip of the UFC came on. It was the first fight between Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell, and I was like holy sh*t. So I began doing research I looked on the internet and taught myself some moves. Then when I moved to Massachusetts in 2007, I met this kid who was into MMA and he took me to this MMA gym in Boston. I started training and here I am now.”

Can you tell us about your camp, coaches, and training partners?

“All my training partners and coaches are the best. Pat Schultz, Mike Gresh, John Johnston, Juliano Coutinho, and Mark DellaGrotte are my coaches. My teammates include, Chip Moraza-Pollard, who is one of my favorite fighters I tell him that all the time (laughs), Christian lopes, Shawn baker, Eddie Corner, Andres Jeudi, Rico Discrullo, Rob Font, Ryan Kane, Tyson Chartier, Jeff Nader , Gregg Rebello, Greg Muldrow, and Travis Reider.”

What is the motivation that drives you to fight and train?

“I love the lifestyle, being a fighter, training, being around my guys. I love being able to prove to myself that I can be a professional athlete. I’ve always wanted to be involved with the martial arts, and I believe even when I’m done fighting I’ll still be training that’s how much I love the sport.”

What is your most satisfying accomplishment?

“I think my best days are ahead of me in terms of accomplishments, I’m happy with my wins thus far, but I haven’t really fought anyone in the top 10 yet. All the fights that I have won have been pretty good they were good wins against tough guys. Fighting for Bellator was a big accomplishment but I still think I have a lot more great experiences ahead of me.”

In the future, do you see yourself continuing to fight for big shows?

“Realistically, in this sport anything can happen, but I would like to continue to fight for big shows. It’s tough because I support myself so besides training I also have a full time job. I’m hoping to get a multiple fight contract at some point so I can solely focus on training and still be able to support myself financially. But yes I will continue to try and fight for big shows.”

Closing Remarks:

“As far as love for the sport, I’m not doing this for the fame, or the women, I’m actually a low’ key person, I usually keep to myself, I don’t need attention. I have a pretty simple lifestyle and I do this because I love to compete, train, and fight. Like I said i have a full time job so I don’t need to fight to make money. I’m just grateful to be in the sport and I’ve met so many great people.”