(We both see the green goblin dancing in the corner of the room, right Ariel? Photo via MMAFighting.) Without beating the dead horse that is the marijuana in MMA debate any further, it’s safe to say that Pat Healy’s positive test for marijuana following his UFC 159 win over Jim Miller was, at the very least, a costly mistake. The same can be said for Nate Diaz’s response to the situation, albeit for entirely different reasons. But being the relatively straightforward guy that Healy is, he was quick to admit to his mistake in a recent interview with MMAFighting: I wish I could go back in time and slap myself. It was a dumb thing to do.  It was about three and a half, four weeks out. I was at a friend’s birthday party, just hanging out. To be honest I didn’t even think it would be an issue, you know? It was a huge mistake and I just didn’t even think. While Healy’s admission of guilt is a bit of fresh air in today’s take no responsibility MMA landscape, we’re kind of left wishing he had been managed by Mike Kogan, if only so we could learn about how marijuana in the state of Oregon, which is where Healy is from, is considered an off-brand form of Advil. As for all the controversy that spilled out of Healy’s positive test in the form of Bryan Caraway?