(I believe that’s the universal puppy expression for get me away from this crazy fucker. / Photo via: sportv.globo.com) World Series of Fighting took a major risk by putting Paulo Filho on the main card of its Arlovski vs. Johnson event this Saturday. Eccentric at best and tragically troubled at worst, the Brazilian cautionary tale has suffered countless career setbacks due to drug addiction, emotional breakdowns, and simple clerical errors. So maybe we should start preparing for the possibility that his scheduled match against David Branch might not happen. Let’s just call it a hunch ”” a hunch based on the fact that Filho missed his flight to Atlantic City on Tuesday due to a panic attack. MMAFighting passed along that news last night, adding the following: On Wednesday, though, Filho confirmed that he was on a plane headed to New Jersey, so as of Wednesday night, the Filho vs. Branch fight is still on. Oh, Filho confirmed it? Well, then. Crisis averted. I’m sure he’s not hiding in an underground bunker somewhere deep within the Amazon rainforest, surrounded by boxes and boxes of sleeveless flannel shirts. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more. I think at this point, a blown weigh-in and distracted performance would be a best-case scenario. The smart money’s still on no-show, though.