The XFC has stripped 1-armed fighter Nick Newell of his Lightweight Championship belt; that much is certain.  Depending on which side you believe, Newell either chose not to resign with the XFC promotion in order to pursue other opportunities or he is refusing to fight XFC #1 contender Scott Holtzman.  The Connecticut native Newell has 1 more fight left on his XFC contract but has expressed to XFC President John Prisco his desire to only fight a UFC veteran.  Prisco has stated that Holtzman will now fight an unnamed opponent at XFC’s June 14th event.  The bout will be for the currently vacant Lightweight title. Newell’s manager, Angelo Bodetti, has stated that while Newell’s next fight is currently up in the air the fighter is fielding several offers and will do whatever will best serve his ultimate goal of reaching the UFC.

Bodetti recently told

“Nick only has one fight left on his contract, so immediately following Nick’s last fight we started contract negotiations. Obviously, they’re not going to let Nick fight unless he’s under a long-term contract.

“So it really has nothing to do with the opponent, and everything to do with the direction his career is heading.”


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