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For years, Nick Diaz has been one of the most infamously known fighters in the MMA world. Known for his brash attitude and disrespect for other fighters and promotions, Nick Diaz has himself somewhat backed into a whole. While he may have his own established fan base of fans who prefer “aggressive” tempered fighters, Nick Diaz is not a beloved individual by any means. While it may not be the world’s perception of Nick as it is Nick’s perception of the world, Nick Diaz has backed himself against the wall coming into this title fight against George St. Pierre. Tonight may very well be Nick’s last professional MMA bout of his career.

When Nick first returned to the UFC, it was like a breath of fresh air. For the longest time we’ve seen cut-throat athletes all fighting for their chance to take on the greatest athlete of them all in GSP, just to be demolished in the Octagon. Since then, Nick has been a lot to deal with. Not showing up for press conferences, media shoots, open work outs, etc. He has frustrated his management, the UFC’s management, and also other fighters. However now he gets his chance to redeem himself and others as he his bout between him and GSP has finally been materialized and will take place tonight.

Coming into this fight, Diaz is at an all or nothing situation. Should he lose, he could very well retire. Afterall, he already retired after losing to Carlos Condit and if it wasn’t for GSP’s inclination, Diaz probably wouldn’t be fighting. Not that he’s too old, or not physically prepared, but it’s mentally. Diaz has suffered as much as, if not more, mental pain as he has physical pain. He’s been robbed by the judges, treated unfairly by commissions, promotions, organizations, and has been swarmed by the media ever since he became popular. This may be the last time Diaz has to deal with any of that.

Think about Dana White’s perspective; Diaz has costed White hundreds of thousands of dollars due to his irresponsibility. Would Dana really consider keeping Diaz around for more fights knowing that he’s going to have to put up with more of the same thing? I think another possible scenario would be that Diaz wouldn’t want to fight anymore. Like I mentioned above, Diaz has had to put up with lots of frustration; would he want to continue that life just for another opportunity to get back up to the top?

It’s an all or nothing situation in my mind for Nick Diaz. If he does not win, I wouldn’t count on him returning. Afterall, his brother is still a top ranked fighter. I’m sure he could keep busy coaching and training him, atleast that way he doesn’t have to put with media bullshit. However, I sure never get tired listening to Nick Diaz open his mouth.

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