(Schultz [far left] and Irvin [third from left], alongside other members of Team Lloyd Irvin. Photo via JordonBJJ.com) When two students of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guru Lloyd Irvin Jr. were accused of the brutal rape of a female teammate this past New Year’s Eve, it kicked off a chain reaction of bad publicity for Irvin, which included renewed attention in his own connection to a 1989 gang-rape, the loss of some of his top students and affiliates, and the perception that Irvin was trying to spin the entire ugly situation to his financial benefit. And unfortunately for Irvin, the fallout isn’t over yet. The latest member of Team Lloyd Irvin to end his association with his former coach is BJJ rising star and educator Jordon Schultz, who trained with Irvin for over a year. Six months into his association with Irvin, Schultz was brought on for an unpaid mentorship in which he would be trained to do Internet marketing. As it turned out, Schultz’s specific duties were to create websites that would bury unflattering search-results about Lloyd Irvin’s past connections with the aforementioned sexual assault cases. Recently, something even more disturbing came to Schultz’s attention, which spurred his exit from the team. Here’s the tl;dr version: On multiple occasions over the span of a couple months, Irvin had allegedly asked a female student to do sexually inappropriate things with Irvin, and questioned her loyalty and dedication if she hesitated. (According to Schultz, Lloyd Irvin trains his students to be androids ”” following every command given to them by their programmer ”” and demands confidentiality in regards to anything that is privately said between him and his students.) Once Irvin progressed to outright propositions of sexual intercourse, the female student broke down and confided in Jordon Schultz what had happened. Schultz is now sharing her story to help prevent similar situations from occurring. In addition, Schultz claims that Irvin often slept in the same bed with other female students during trips for jiu-jitsu tournaments, and asked them to massage him alone in his hotel room. Jordan’s complete statement is below, via Bullshido.net… ********** Recently a fellow team member came to me she was burdened and confused. She sought me out as a confidante a person she could trust. She had been battling with a situation morally inside her head. She explained the details of secret interactions she had with her martial arts instructor and employer. She started with the question “Are you suppose to do anything to become a World Champion?” I replied, “Yes, there are sacrifices you must make to become a World Champion and you are going to have to do some things that other people won‘t do to become a World Champion”. She began to cry as she explained.