(The fag shoes in question, via @MikeKogan) By George Shunick As Jared reminded us today while discussing Josh Thompson‘s unfortunate comments regarding gay marriage, the MMA world had managed to go a solid 20 days without a significant figure saying something extraordinarily stupid on social media. The last particular incident involved Nate Diaz‘s use of the term “fag,” and was made even more memorable by Mike Kogan‘s moronic defense of Diaz‘s Northern California vernacular. Kogan ”” Diaz‘s manager ”” drew upon his years of public relations experience and his vast knowledge of etymology”¦and cited Urban Dictionary as evidence that Diaz‘s use of “fag” didn‘t constitute a homophobic slur. Needless to say, people didn‘t really buy that. However, let‘s give Kogan the benefit of the doubt here. Let‘s say he really doesn‘t believe that “fag” is a derogatory slur for homosexuals or a bigoted criticism of something perceived as homosexual behavior. It would mean Kogan has an extraordinarily poor grasp of context, history and sociopolitical reality ”” which incidentally, is entirely plausible in the case of Nate Diaz ”” but not to a far greater extent than many other Americans. It‘s not justifiable, but perhaps it‘s a plausible explanation for his ignorance. Or at least it might have been, until he tweeted this.