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History will be made this Saturday night as Ronda Rousey looks to defend her belt against Liz Carmouche in the first-ever UFC female bout at UFC 157 in Anaheim, C.A. The UFC decided to open a women’s bantamweight division, and not long after it was announced Rousey would be crowned the champion. First up is with a shot at the belt is Carmouche, who sports an 8-2 record with five knockouts to her name. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva just proved at UFC 156 that no fight is ever a cakewalk as the underdog knocked Alistair Overeem out in a fight many thought would be a one-sided beating in favor of Overeem. Don’t be surprised if Carmouche is able to prove the same Saturday night. Here are some reasons Carmouche will not lose on Saturday:
– Hunger- Carmouche wants what Rousey has, which in the women’s MMA realm is just about everything. The name, the glory, the stardom, the hype – Rousey is a household name at this point and has the world of MMA on her shoulders. To say Carmouche is hungry for what Rousey has would be an understatement.
– Taste of Defeat- Rousey is yet to lose. She is undefeated and hasn’t even come close to tasting defeat, and this is a disadvantage. Carmouche has lost twice and has been finished once, which means she has tasted defeat and I highly doubt she enjoys the feeling; this could play a huge part in her motivational factor and preparation for this fight.
– Nothing to Lose- Rousey is the star in this matchup and Carmouche isn’t exactly on the brink of superstardom yet. Therefore, most of the pressure of this fight will be on Rousey. If Carmouche is to lose Saturday, it wouldn’t exactly be shocking or a huge step down in her career. If Rousey is to lose, it would be a giant upset.