UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo took exception to a post made by Urijah Faber and Team Alpha Male following T.J. Dillashaw’s victory over Renan Barao.

Faber “signed” Barao up for a Bang Muay Thai class at the gym after Dillashaw won the bantamweight belt from the Brazilian.

Aldo, a teammate of Barao’s at Nova Uniao, sounded off on the subject during a recent interview with No Mundo Do Luta. Thanks to MMAFighting.com for transcribing.

“By their logic, how many times would we have to sign Urijah Faber in a MMA seminar at Nova Uniao” Aldo asked. “It was lack of respect. We always defeat them, Faber always lost to us and we never did that.

“We always respected them. We always tried to help them when they came here to the gym. We never disrespected them.”

Aldo will be meeting up with Chad Mendes in a rematch this August for the UFC title, and he also believes Barao will eventually get another crack at Dillashaw.

“It’s cool. Let’s be patient, we will meet again,” he continued. “I have a fight coming up and Barao, God willing, will fight Dillashaw again and we will get the payback.”

Aldo (24-1) holds a first round knockout victory over Mendes and a decision vs. Faber. Barao has also defeated Faber twice before.

Despite entering the Dillashaw fight having not lost in nine years, Aldo believes Barao may have overlooked his opponent.

“Two days before the fight, Dana White said Barao was the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet, that he could knock out every fight and maybe that made him underestimate Dillashaw,” he said, “who got there humbly and showed how things work.”