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Perhaps a front runner for Fight of the Year, Johny Hendricks and Carlos Condit battled it out for 3 hard rounds in a barn-burner classic. UFC President, Dana White, made his opinion known about the fight; praising both Carlos Condit and Johny Hendricks for their performances. But was there more to this fight than that?

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On Dana White’s UFC 158 post-fight media scrum (see here) Dana White talked briefly about the fight, calling it a crazy fight and how this is what happens when you get well-rounded fighters against eachother. Carlos Condit has forever been known to be an exciting, well-rounded fighter, but he perhaps showcased it more in this loss than he has in his previous fights.

Condit received praise from Dana for his wrestling skills; which according to Condit were not up to par. Hendricks was able to secure takedown after takedown, but the durable and relentless Carlos Condit was able to pop up after every one of them, or score damage from the bottom; something more fighters need to be learning how to do.

While Carlos seemed to be more impressive than the bouts actual winner, Johny Hendricks, the future Welterweight title challenger is already made up. Look for Hendricks and GSP to be announced in a title fight late Summer or perhaps into the Fall. Dana White made the claim that GSP needs to return to Las Vegas for a fight, that he hasn’t left Canada in a long time.

So where does that leave the rest of the division? Well, Dana touched up a little bit on that subject as well. Ellenberger is no doubt among the top, Carlos Condit has not seemed to drop any stock, and Nick Diaz is as big a mystery as ever.

An interesting note is that Dana White did talk about incoming Strikeforce champion Tarec Saffiedine. Apparently they gave Tarec a fight, and he turned it down, which is a bit disappointing. However, I have the feeling that they gave Tarec a low-ranked name, and not an exciting match up like Martin Kampmann or the Condit/Hendricks loser.

So with this important welterweight-heavy card in the books, there’s a lot to process and think about. How does Hendricks/Condit rank in Fight of the Year? Did Hendricks have a good enough performance against Condit to buy fans into believing he has what it takes to dethrone GSP? How did this fight effect other top ranked welterweights? Will more fighters strive to have the same high-offense bottom game as Carlos Condit, seeing as how effective it was against Hendricks?

All of this will be answered in time, but for now sit back and enjoy! If you want to watch the UFC 158 post-fight media scrum, click here thanks for reading!