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It was an incredible display of determination and will by the Arizona-native, Kelvin Gastelum, as he edged the TUF sensation Uriah Hall after 3 rounds of fighting. A lot of fight fans were mildly upset at the decision, but one can not deny the fact that Gastelum was there to fight for the win one way or another. But what is next for these two? I have no doubt in my mind that Uriah Hall will get another fight, how could he not? He’s still a big draw, still an exciting fighter, and has now been humbled a bit by receiving a disappointing loss midst of his “rise to stardom”. Continue on for more insight regarding what we can expect from these two warriors.

First of all, the the fight was nothing short of a battle. Both guys had their moments, both guys had eachother in danger, and both guys showed how evenly matched they were in the cage. Many fans did not give Gastelum much chance against Hall, especially on the feet, but it was Gastelum who pushed the pace and landed several heavy blows against the Jamaican. For Hall, perhaps his grappling was the most surprising. Noticeably hitting an impressive suplex, Hall looked like he could really have some potential in the wrestling department as he seemed to match Kelvin in terms of athleticism and strength.

Both of these guys have styles that could do well in the UFC’s middleweight division, but is there a different weight class for these two? Kelvin was noticeably the smaller fighter; at just 5’9″ Gastelum could easily make 170 should he shed some of his extra “chub”. Being in a smaller weight class would just amplify Gastelum’s strength and wrestling advantages even more, as he’d be taking on smaller opponents. Hall on the other hand looked like a man straight out of a comic-book as he towered over his smaller opponent. Could Hall perhaps weigh his options at 205? While his cardio didn’t seem to be affected too much, one may think that 205 could be a “last resort” if Hall finds himself desperately hanging on to his UFC career.

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It’s undeniable the amount of skill possessed in both of these fighters, but they’re both almost polar opposites. I have no doubt that the UFC is going to match these two guys up against fighters who they should shine against; given at how incredibly marketable they both are. Gastelum, a short, stocky, wrestling powerhouse could very well be given a fighter like Court McGee; someone who could stand toe-to-toe to potentially produce an extremely exciting fight. Gastelum fights like a dog and would match up well against anyone who doesn’t rely on technical superiority.

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Then you have Uriah Hall; a fighter who has the ability to produce stunning KO finishes in the blink of an eye. For Hall, he matches up well against fighters who are patient and take their time. I believe Hall can beat anyone on the planet who fights in a “chess-match” sort of style, as Hall is very Anderson Silva-esque in his fighting approach. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Silva doesn’t match Hall up against a big name like Cung Le or Hector Lombard. They could market it was “two of the divisions best strikers” and watch in awe at a technical showdown of striking.

Whatever route these fighters take, they’re destined to get plenty of support from the UFC. They’re both likable fighters, they’re styles are entertaining, and they’ve taken a step in the right direction to produce a lengthy UFC career for themselves. Expect some fireworks between these two in future match ups; who knows, we may see Gastelum and Hall cross paths again.

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