(And you can take that to the bank! Photo via Getty Images.)  How about some MMA news that doesn’t involve a fighter/manager sticking his foot in his mouth? Yesterday, it was announced that Jon Jones will meet his next challenge in the form of Swedish wrecking machine Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 in September. Your reaction was the typical mix of childish enthusiasm and overwhelming positivity that we’ve come to expect: I don’t think he has a chance! one of you emphatically declared, This is a dumb fight, praised another, blah blah blah Bones should fight at heavyweight, chimed in a third. Damn, does anything truly put a smile on your faces? In any case, the early gambling lines seem to agree with most of you Taters that, yes, Jones vs. Gustafsson is nothing more than the latest in a series of squash matches that have constituted the Bones Era. With the matchup still months away, Jones has already opened as a -800 favorite to Gustafsson’s +500 odds. Ouch.