(A personal message from Karmaatemycat, recorded las tnight) For years, Laura angry little feet Nicholson (aka ALF) has been a calming, motherly influence on CagePotato.com’s forums and comment sections. Just kidding ”” she’s a salty s.o.b., meaner than a sack full of rattlesnakes…and we wouldn’t change her for the world. A passionate supporter of mixed martial arts and a superstar on twitter (@angrylittlefeet), Laura has become a true friend to many folks in the Potato Nation. Yesterday, we learned that Laura was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (The big C) and we were devastated. But we know that she won’t back down from this fight, and we’re going to have her back every step of the way. Like so many Americans afflicted with cancer, Laura has no health insurance, and has already gone $10,000 into debt. We just want to help dig her out and raise her spirits. Every little bit helps, right? So we’ve started an Indiegogo page ”” CagePotato’s Fight for ALF ”” and we’ll be asking for your donations* over the next couple months. The $5,000 goal that we’ve set for this campaign represents a tiny slice of the financial burden that Laura will have to endure. That’s the reality. But we want ALF to know that we have her back, just as we’d have the back of any devoted CP family member who falls on hard times. Give a dollar, give $5, give whatever you feel comfortable with. (By the way, a $50 donation gets you a CP t-shirt. A $1,000 donation gets you a live cam show with either BG or Karmaatemycat. Ten minutes, anything goes. Yeah, we’re working on better prizes.) All funds raised will go to Laura, even if we don’t reach our goal. Considering that tens of thousands of people visit this site every day, we’re confident that we can hit it. We intend to mobilize the MMA community to help spread the word about Laura’s health situation and our efforts. In the meantime, visit the CagePotato’s Fight for A.L.F. Indiegogo page and join the fight. Thanks guys. We friggin’ love all of you. ”” Ben Goldstein and Jefferey Watts * Note: At the moment, donations can only be sent via credit/debit card. We’ll work on adding PayPal capabilities in the near future.