If you coud beat one fighter...

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Re: If you coud beat one fighter...

Postby OuchThatDidntHurt » Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:39 pm

KingOfPancrase wrote:
TFlock wrote:

So your answer is Tito Ortiz? On a more serious note...why the fuck did barely out of his prime Shamrock...who was allowed to roid as much as possible...come in at 201 pounds? No way he overshot the weight cut that much? Granted he's ripped the fuck up but still....dude should barely make weight and come in bigger than Ortiz.....shamrock back then was a natural heavyweight. 230 easy. Wtf.

Was Shamrock ever that big? In the early UFC events he was listed at around 220 lbs (UFC 1: 220 lbs, UFC 3: 215 lbs, UFC 6: listed as 205 lbs on tale of the tape, but announcers say he's up to 225 lbs from 205 lbs). Were there even weigh-ins back then or did guys just say how much they weighed?

At UFC 48 (against Kimo) he was listed as 218 lbs on the tale of the tape. At Pride 10 (against Fujita), he is listed as 211.2 lbs.

Even at roughly 220 lbs., Ken looked to have more of a beach body than most fighters. Adding another 10 lbs to hit 230 lbs would likely have sapped his cardio without adding much to his fighting abilities. He is usually listed as being 6 feet tall (sometimes 6' 1"), but that might also be embellished. Adding more muscle to his frame would have just made him look more like a bodybuilder.

Getting different training partners in to challenge him and to add to his skill set would likely have done more for Ken than adding more weight.

On topic, when I read "If you could beat one fighter..." the first name that came to mind was CM Punk, because some linkers might actually have a chance to win that fight. Some of you might actually have a similar amount of training.
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Re: If you coud beat one fighter...

Postby EvilGorilla69+1 » Fri Apr 19, 2019 11:47 am

Ken shamrock at HW would have murdered the faggington bitch - beach boy

Much love, tito. :lol:

BJ Penn has a highly respectable UFC record of 11 wins - 12 losses and 2 Draws

''Double wrist lock,to an americana, switched 2 a kimura,turned to figure 4,transitioning to an armbar,while attemting an Ude-garami & a keylock,switch to Gyaku ude-garami & a reverse keylock & get that sort of paintbrush submission attempt or hammerlock or a twisting hammerlock and u win by reverse arm entanglement''
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