The problems with American sports science

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The problems with American sports science

Postby KARHU-III » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:45 pm

and athletic development

Dr. Michael Yessis, legendary sport scientist and biomechanist who went on to influence literally every single training room in the west, speaks to Dr. Mike Israetel about the problems that are plaguing American sports science and athletic development today.

I'm super excited to share this beautiful podcast with you guys. I know that this isn't the typical content that I provide for my audience, but I consider this podcast much more important than the majority of my contributions.

As an analogy, imagine Samart coming together with Saenchai to speak about the problems of Muay Thai. Or, imagine Rickson Gracie coming together with Marcelo Garcia to do the same for BJJ. This is what this podcast represents for sports science and athletic development.

I spend a lot of my time reading and learning about different fields, one of them being sports science & athletic development. The deeper I looked, the more inconsistencies I found with top-end knowledge versus popularized, adopted and shared knowledge. This is an effort to help close that gap and give exposure to those who deeply deserve it.

Keep in mind that you're listening to two of the most respected academics in the field, born several generations apart. They are also multi-sport elites and as well as influential coaches - the triple threat just like the Soviet days (elite athlete, academic, coach).

More than likely, they are your coaches' coaches. The lineage of Dr. Yessis runs deep even in MMA. Dr. Israetel is taking the sports science field by storm through online platforms, and was consultant to team USA for the Olympics. Amongst many other things, Dr. Isratel is also an active BJJ competitor.

Read more about how I discovered Dr. Yessis

One you get over the first few minutes of rambling it gets very to point and interesting.

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Re: The problems with American sports science

Postby PainDog » Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:42 am

Are you sure this isn't just a discussion between Shucks relatives?

I'll give it a listen.

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