All-out brawl erupts in crowd

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All-out brawl erupts in crowd

Postby philphan » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:48 pm

in middle of boxing showdown ... -showdown/
A huge 15-man brawl broke out in the crowd at the Tyson Fury fight on Saturday in England.

The brutal rumble exploded during Fury’s victory over Sefer Seferi as spectators leaped from their chairs to throw punches.

Fury, 29, even took some time out of his boxing clash to watch the brawl at Manchester Arena.

Boxing fans posted videos of the skirmish on social media, which appears to show two groups of men trading blows.

The disturbance broke out with around one minute to go in the second round.

This continued, and with around 18 seconds until the bell, Fury forgot he was fighting himself, and decided to check out what was happening.

Instead of taking advantage of Fury losing his concentration, Seferi stood motionless, and looked out over the ropes, too.

The crowd trouble was stopped by round three, with arena security swooping in.

In fact, there was more action outside the ring than in it — as Tyson vs. Seferi proved to be a total mismatch.

Fury had things go exactly the way most thought it would. It was a giant heavyweight against an average cruiserweight.

The fight was all over at the end of the fourth round, when Seferi pulled himself out — much to the anger of fans, who booed as the referee waved it off.

Fury started the fight by kissing Seferi as the two touched gloves, then proceeded to punch and move whenever he wanted to.

Seferi had no answer, and it was little surprise that after four rounds of toil, the Macedonian decided he’d had enough.

And the crowd was not too happy with their hero’s comeback fight in his home city.

While there were some boos for Seferi after he threw in the towel, many in the Manchester Arena were less than impressed when Fury’s hand was raised.
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Re: All-out brawl erupts in crowd

Postby tsarlaider » Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:39 am

Man that one guy in the 2nd video got a proper beat up.

Moose all day

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Re: All-out brawl erupts in crowd

Postby SpeakEasy » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:38 am

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Niggas start to loke out, a kid got choked out
Blows was thrown and a fucking fight broke out
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