Joana - former champ has a new excuse up her sleeve

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Re: Joana - former champ has a new excuse up her sleeve

Postby willis » Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:09 pm

Joanna does not have a lot of holes in her game and anyone basing her loss on that is kind of missing her entire career in fighting. Joanna has a ton of experience and been in quite a few fights. The only holes I've noticed in her game at all was a lack of grappling offense and a weak chin, the latter something that has never cost her a fight until now. Lets be respectful here, the girl has accumulated 88 fights total to this day from muay thai, to kickboxing to mma. She's just suffering from a lil CTE.
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Re: Joana - former champ has a new excuse up her sleeve

Postby dipset52 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 11:19 am

I hate joanna
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Re: Joana - former champ has a new excuse up her sleeve

Postby Mr Meow » Tue Dec 12, 2017 11:32 am

She needs to move up to 125 asap. The weight cut for her is crazy

She lost because Rose kicked the shit out of her though. Not because of the weight cut and she did tap, denying it still is quite weak.

Give her the winner of Maria Romero Borella (12-4, 1-0 in the ufc) vs Kaitlyn Cookigan (9-1, 2-1 in the ufc) for hey flyweight debut. Or potentially someone like Joanne Calderwood or Justine "shit happens" Kish
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Re: Joana - former champ has a new excuse up her sleeve

Postby DeceptaCon » Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:31 pm

dipset52 wrote:I hate joanna

:lol: :lol:
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Re: Joana - former champ has a new excuse up her sleeve

Postby EvilGorilla69+1 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:14 pm

Joana doing her ting again

Former Champ wrote:“The preparations took place very often, but I am very focused,” she told Polsat Sport. “I devote every free moment to regeneration, proper nutrition and training. I know that in sports, I win and lose, and I know that my last fight did not go my way, because people from my team failed me.”

I don't even know what the fuck she is talking about. .. .

Former Champ wrote:“Many people asked me if I change coaches, club … My answer was ‘no’ because my coaches did their best to be in the best possible shape. The doctor, who had a big impact on how I felt 30 hours before the fight, failed. People who are not in sports, in which you need to watch this weight, do not know what it’s eating. It often has negative effects on our health and even life. I am asking for patience, just like I have to wait for the day when I will receive a straw weight belt.

de fuck happened....? Did the 'doctor' give Jo - the former champ, spicy food or something...?

Did little Jo-Jo have a tamy ache..?

Why did she wait till she had only 14 hours to attempt to cut 15 pounds...? Is she looney..?

Former Champ wrote:“Man, I felt so bad, I had to cut 15 pounds in 14 hours; I did it in 14 hours.

“I think Perfecting Athletes couldn’t believe that I did that. I start my weight cut at 5 pm on Thursday and I was on weight five minutes before 11 am on Friday, so it was a miracle. I was praying to God for this miracle. And it happened. I took this mentally. I was crying, I was so weak but I believed it. I said to one of the Perfecting Athletes team, ‘Hey, it’s a shame for a champion to not make her weight’, and then I made it — a thing I couldn’t believe.”

“After the weigh-ins, I had only fluids and I went to bed because I took just two 15-minute naps during the weight cut.

“The thing is, my legs got numb after I woke up. I said to my doctor, ‘Hey, my legs are numb’, and she said, ‘nothing to worry about, we’re going to hydrate you more’ and ‘you’re going to be fine’.

“But the next day, I felt the same and thought the most crazy things. I took the fight mentally. I wanted to go into the fight and push away all of the worries.”

loooney loooney

Former Champ wrote:“They were like family, you know. I trusted them so much and I paid the ultimate cost for someone’s mistake,” she said. “They agreed with me. We sat and talked on Monday after the fight and they agreed with me that they made a mistake, but I paid the ultimate price.”

“I was light in this camp,” Jedrzejczyk continued when asked what mistake had been made by Perfecting Athletes.

“I was like 127 on the Friday and Saturday a week before the fight. We were planning to get me to 125 by Tuesday, but my weight went up on Sunday to 130 and I couldn’t drop the weight for three or four days. I did everything that I could, and it’s their mistake. I started my weight cut with the limit at 130, so it was almost impossible to make that weight.”

They were like family, you know...? And they made a mistake.... So I fired them

I think she had her period ...... and she is being unfair with those people
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