Kevin Randleman DEAD!!!

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Re: Kevin Randleman, dead at 44

Postby jblaze » Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:58 pm

pitbull103 wrote:
Shasto wrote:Good for him. He is now in a much better place. All of the abuse he went through and his suffering is over. He has now ascended into the fourth dimension. Death should not be mourned but celebrated. Thanks for leaving a great legacy Kevin!

I'll assume this is a lame joke. Either that or the board has been infiltrated by ISIS and/or Al Queda. There is no heaven, no hell, and no deities. Live a good life while you can. That does not necessarily mean a string of pleasures, by the way.

If life isn't a learning experience then what the hell is it. I don't claim knowledge of the afterlife but as someone who has had a death experience where you go up in the sky towards the light. I would be shocked if this is all there is.
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