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MBT shoes mimic BJ Penn / Marinovich training?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:53 pm
by DTMUniversal
This is both a gear topic and a training topic, didn't know where to post so I'll post here.

I was looking back at BJ Penn's training with Marv brothers, and their use of PVC pipe rollers or whatever they are, and other objects that test your balance of your feet, hips, etc.


Then I was watching GSP's road to recovery in UFC Primetime, rehabbing his knee he was also going through the same kind of balance exercises to rebuild the nervous system (?) and muscles in his legs.

I recently had a minor, minor sprain in my knee. It's been a month, I can train and everything but I can feel that there's still a slight awkward feeling the tendon / ligament is giving me. I wanted to try and see if doing these "balance" exercises will help my knees and legs. But instead of going out to Home Depot and buying some rubber pipes to stand on... I remembered MBT shoes:

Question for you guys is, do you think these shoes can be applied to MMA training? Has anyone tried them and noticed improved coordination, balance, explosiveness?