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Re: signs that this life may not be for you anymore.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:55 pm
by MadTitan
KingOfPancrase wrote:
TheMadTitan wrote:People that get angry and envious of your upbeat attitude, energy and positivity. I've been doing better than I ever have in my adult life the last few years, and all I see around me are defeated miserable selfish fucking cunts. This is a fucked up world and the REAL mother fuckers gotta stay EXTRA STRONG because people will look to put you down to feel better about themselves. It makes no sense to me because I have a much better grasp and understanding of myself and how the world is and I know my strengths and embrace weaknesses but actively pursue to improve them both. Find what motivates you and create a purpose.

Depression is tough, but through a little help from the right people, will-power and meditation I have been able to get myself well again and back on track. Know thyself. Being an introvert has it's advantages. Find peace within yourself. Finding good people to surround yourselves with is the key. Everyone needs help and most people like to help. Everyone fails. You cannot do this alone.

And I know it's hard letting go of the people close to you, I've done it. Sometimes your worst enemies or the people holding you back the most are the people closest to you. Your best friends. Your Fathers. Mothers. Brothers. Sisters. This complicated, overbearing, civilized, industrialized fast-paced world we have created is soul-crushing.

Evolve and find a way to bend and shape the world so you can find happiness and maybe even enlightenment. Best of luck out there and God Speed brothers.


hahaha yes!!! You the man King.