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Best Article I've stumbled upon in a while (Why Nate?)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:00 pm
by EvilGorilla69+1
So I saw on some greek MMA site that Floyd and Dana are working on a 4 fight deal, where Floyd will get Nate as his first opponent. @ catchweight,150 pounds ,or some shit. :P

5 rounds,mma gloves - boxing,no knees,no elbows,3 kicks per round .. ... :lol: (I dig.. I just dont buy it..anyway..)

I tried to research it online.... and I only found some spanish site,or something,having a relevant story.. No American site..anyway...

So in my attempt to find an american source to further legitimise this 'rumour'... I found this piece below,which is talking about Nate.

...........................................................Nate Diaz.............................................................


Remember that guy? He was the one who was vacationing in Cabo and drinking Monster Energy tequila before swooping in to outbox and ultimately choke out the current UFC lightweight champion on short notice.

You’ll find my reasoning to be sound (like you’ve come to expect from previous hotpinions), and by the end of this post you’ll be thinking to yourself, “Dammit, Nate Diaz vs. Mayweather is a really compelling fight! Why didn’t I think of this?!”

Physical advantages
First and foremost, Diaz is a southpaw, just like McGregor. We know that Mayweather has problems with southpaws, as observed by expert fight analyst and premier boxercise instructor Dana White, who once referred to future HOFer Juan Manuel Marquez as “What’s his name?” in a video the UFC actually uploaded. A classic example is when Mayweather was so frustrated by the headbutt of southpaw Victor Ortiz, he resorted to this cheap shot to knock Ortiz out. Unlike Victor’s uncle Tito, he is not blessed with a giant skull to withstand powerful punches.

McGregor may be a southpaw with a 74” reach, which is two inches longer than Mayweather, but Diaz is 6’0” and has an official reach of 76”, which is well beyond anyone Mayweather has ever fought. Nate Diaz’s arms are essentially the Stockton version of Inspector Gadget, and he has the ability to expand or shrink his body depending on which person is corroborating the story of just how big he actually is.


Just using basic math, if Nate Diaz is/was three times the size of Conor McGregor, who is already bigger than Floyd Mayweather, than Nate Diaz vs. Floyd Mayweather would most closely resemble a hypothetical matchup between Nikolay Valuev and Demetrious Johnson. It’s entirely possible Diaz could essentially create a boxing version of the YAMMA pit due to the canvas failing to support his weight. Diaz’s educated jab, which produced many problems for McGregor at UFC 196, combined with his commitment to volume punching could perhaps fluster Mayweather and throw him off his game. Yes, Floyd has seen many things in his illustrious career, but has he ever fought someone who’s capable of emulating the Stockton Slap? I thought so. Advantage Nate.

Cardio for days
There’s an odd belief that the best way to beat Mayweather is to knock him out. That’s not only way easier said than done, but Mayweather has had multiple fights go the distance in which he somewhat had to scrape by, and there are a couple of bouts some argue he outright lost (more on that later). In McGregor’s case, he has the very small “puncher’s chance” that’s otherwise been extended to countless Mayweather foes, and that’s because everyone knows he’s not going to have the cardio to really make it twelve rounds with Floyd.

Not so with Nate Diaz.

As is common knowledge, Nate is a triathlete, an athletic endeavor which consists of swimming, bicycling, and running very long distances. You have to be extremely well-conditioned to compete in a triathlon. We’ve already seen that his cardio is vastly superior to that of McGregor, and as such he’s more likely to keep up with Floyd and remain competitive heading into the latter stages of the fight. He’s well-equipped to deal with Mayweather’s style of getting on his bicycle and running around the ring, so it’s safe to say Floyd has met his match here. Fancy defense doesn’t work when you have a guy with cheater arms (© Phil Mackenzie) chasing you down and then whacking you from not just any normal boxing angle, but also MMA angles, which extend beyond the 360-degree realm we’ve come to know. A great illustration of this is when Todd Duffee fought Frank Mir. Duffee combined MMA angles with Cartesian geometry to throw a punch from quadrant IV so that it could land on his opponent’s face, which is in quadrant II.

Duffee would get knocked out 2 seconds later, but that’s because he hasn’t quite mastered these essential mathematical principles. Diaz is a far more advanced striker who’s capable of executing these tasks against anyone he so chooses, and he doesn’t even need to use a calculator or a protractor.

Diaz has trained with Andre Ward
The UFC has been championing McGregor’s apparent destruction of Paulie Malignaggi in sparring. Admirable as it may be, Paulie retired earlier this year and while he was a very good boxer, no one will ever consider him one of the greats. If McGregor doesn’t have “Oh My God!” power as Malignaggi states, then Paulie has “LMFAO WTF is this?” power. Mayweather may as well be a combined version of Anthony Joshua and Anthony Johnson compared to Malignaggi.

Andre Ward is considered by many to be the current #1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world, having twice beaten Sergey Kovalev in less than a year. Nobody has beaten Ward in the pros, he’s won Olympic gold, he’s held world titles in two weight divisions, and further justified the increasingly popular belief that cheating is good. Nate and Nick both have sparred with Ward, and he was highly complimentary of both.

I’d consider holding your own against the #1 pound-for-pound boxer to be much more impressive than beating up an out-of-shape retired Showtime analyst.

Mayweather has historically struggled vs. Latin American fighters
I’m surprised this hasn’t been brought up more often. Mayweather has been at his most vulnerable against opponents of Latin American descent. Carlos Hernandez had Mayweather so badly hurt that Floyd was knocked down without Hernandez even hitting him. Don’t believe me? Watch the tape.


Mayweather also was fortunate to win a unanimous decision against Mexico’s Jose Luis Castillo, eked out a split decision vs. Oscar De La Hoya, missed weight vs. Juan Manuel Marquez and changed the contract so he wouldn’t incur a heavier fine, needed to really dig deep to defeat Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto, and fought to a majority decision against both Canelo Alvarez and Argentina’s Marcos Maidana. Are you sensing a pattern here? I hope you are, because Floyd is in deep mierda.

Diaz is proud of his Mexican heritage, despite McGregor’s attempts in the past to label him as an “Ugly, Mexican southpaw.” I also found out through intense research that “Cholo gangsta from the hood” is not listed as an ethnicity in the US Census. He is a Diaz brother and he doesn’t give a f—k about any offense that’s coming his way, whether it’s in the form of a verbal attack or actual strikes thrown at him.


I’m not saying that Diaz is a near-certainty to beat Mayweather. Nate is neither fast nor great defensively, and the bone fragments from Floyd’s easily-breakable hands would likely puncture through his gloves and create several cuts on Diaz’s easily-cuttable face. But when you consider all of the cold-hard facts I’ve presented: the enormous size advantage, his seemingly bottomless gas tank, his volume punching, forward movement, the Andre Ward stamp of approval, Mayweather’s iffy record against Latino fighters, and add in that Nate doesn’t use a karate stance like McGregor, needs not worry about leg kicks or spinning sh-t in boxing, would you be surprised if a bloodied up but smiling and taunting Nate actually nicked a split decision off of one of the greatest boxers of all-time? I wouldn’t.

Diaz 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 11, and 12. ... -editorial

Re: Best Article I've stumbled upon in a while (Why Nate?)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:33 pm
by EvilGorilla69+1
hump. Fookin materpiece

Re: Best Article I've stumbled upon in a while (Why Nate?)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:31 am
by yoseph
Nate tko rd 7