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Old school fight: Frank Shamrock vs Allan Goes

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:19 pm
by EvilGorilla69+1

Frank gets RNC'ed, but touched the rope with his leg and got the 'escape'.Allan Goes held the choke a bit longer in an attempt to choke Frank out,despite the ref's attempts to stop him.. :P Eventually he let him go. He got a yellow card for his efforts.. Frank got up and caught his breath for a brief period of time, They reset and after a short scuffle,Frank gets him in a heel hook,in which Allan Goes escaped from this time,by the aid of the rope. (Ken was urging Frank to go for the heelhook)

Escapes: 1-1..

Allan Goes charges at Frank Shamrock,Frank smiles and tries to throw a right hand,they chinch,Goes takes him down and asumes mount. Tries to take his back and choke him out... Frank's defending.. :alarm: :alarm: :alarm: :alarm:

Eventualy that fight,after 10 hard fought minutes, was declared a DRAW