The Conflict of Combat

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The Conflict of Combat

Postby MadTitan » Fri Apr 19, 2019 11:29 am

The main allure of this sport is the art of violence. Being able to mentally handle the consequences of fighting another trained killer in hand to hand combat is the great Conquest of the True Warrior. The Protector. The confidence that Martial Arts training gave me is irreplaceable. I know I can control situations that others cant. It came to me naturally, and I honestly don't understand people who have zero training. Especially males. For me the Combat is easy. It's the Conflict that needed work:

"Conflict is Inevitable…Combat is Optional"

The ability to defeat another man, the realization that you are able to disarm and disable another human being or multiple human beings is a great skill and a great responsibility. When you understand you can do harm, you will in turn do less harm in confrontations than the average joe who has never "trained" himself in the art of combat. The allure of fight-sports is that, these guys have no choice but to meet in combat! The Combat is inevitable for them: "The Conflict is mental, the Combat is physical. The true masters have to stay focused and ready for anything. "Strong Mind, Strong Body."

In my un-humble opinion, ball-sports are considered "cute" in comparison to hand-to-hand combat. DAMN it Feels good to be a BadAss!
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