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Re: Slick KO in Brave CF

Postby Legionarivs » Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:12 am

PainDog wrote:
Legionarivs wrote:
PainDog wrote:
Legionarivs wrote:Good KO. What's the story behind that yellow wig thougj? Does he lack an own personality or he wants to be part of Nurmagomedov's crew that bad? Or just a typical Nurmagomedov fanboy asslicker? Or what is the story?

Why are all of your assumptions so negative?

Arkhagha is of Circassian descent and is wearing a traditional Circassian hat.

After the genocide committed against Circassians by the Russians many migrated to Syria and Jordan.

So it isn't actually a wig but a hat. ... 47985/amp/

Why my assumptions are so negative?

Good question, I'll explain. I consider salafism/wahhabism and any religious branch that treats women as second class citizens and believe that it's reasonable to chop off heads of people that are leaving their religion is an appropriate way. This is the short version, I have the strong feeling that most of the Dagestani and Chechens belong to that category. As Russia is cracking down on salafism for good reason in these areas they might be openly of a different branch but my gut feeling isn't much better.

I consider people that share those ideas to be the enemy of the civilized world and an enemy of freedom, hence my negative assumptions.

As someone who follows Syrian politics daily I am well aware of the risk that these groups can have on society. Mass murder of all minorities, rape and enslaving.

Guy wears a traditional hat and you assume he is an extremist?

For ethnic groups living away from their homeland like the Circasian people in Jordan, wearing traditional clothes is often common during weddings and other social events to try and preserve traditional culture.

Even in Chechnya traditional clothes are worn during traditional events...such as traditional dances

Such dances would be forbidden under hardline Wahabi beliefs, which considers dancing a sin.

To be honest MMA is even a sin according to hardline Salafist

Wearing certain traditional clothes like a cowboy hat or a tarbouch is rather common in combat sports

Music as in general is considered I think as well? Through history a lot of branches of islam had tribal traditions mixed throughout them. For example the seljuks had Tengri elements and in Afghanistan till today the tradition of "Bacha bāzī". Were underaged boys are walking around with adult men who uses them as their personal sex slave is accepted and seems common practice among men recognizing themselves as muslim men. Something which wasn't I think allowed under Taliban control of Afghanistan.

Those dances you sent me seem to be tribal rather than islamic traditions. Would make sense for more strict interpretators to outlaw those traditions.

To answer your question about the hat, if that instantly makes people extremist? No it doesn't, as Nurmagomedov is the most succesful muslim in the sport muslims around the world support him. Though I am rather sceptical about him and his buddies their views on life and the global growth of wahhabism not all Nurmagomedov muslim fanboys are of the same branches. I do consider Nurmagomedov to be an extremist, his attacking of women who enjoy concerts among other issues he has been addressing shows he's about as backwards as it gets. We could've found people 2500 years ago in greece who I'd consider having a more modern world view than he does.
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Re: Slick KO in Brave CF

Postby DeceptaCon » Sun Jun 16, 2019 6:33 pm

The US miltary has had problems with "Bacha bāzī" reporting the abuse of young boys but the military has chosen to look the other way to save face.

We should change the subject.

Are you ready for the last great deception?
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