Recent Weight Loss

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Recent Weight Loss

Postby slacker27 » Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:05 pm

Guys I've recently dropped a bunch of weight and I'd like to share how I did it. Keep in mind this isn't some damn Jenny Craig BS story of look at me I can do it you can to!! And I didn't have to change what I ate. I love food to much to compromise my taste buds with flavorless shit. I didn't sit around on my ass all day either, but I didn't go all Red Donn or KC masterpiece in the gym. I mainly just went on small jogs (10min-20min), walked the dogs, played bball at the gym stuff like that.

A couple years ago I jacked my foot and wasn't able to run. Which at my age 38 (yeah old as fucks) took me a long time to recover. Combination of boredom, marriage, and being depressed from being inactive caused me to ballon in weight. 4 months ago I made a conscious effort to cut carbs as much as possible. I fucking love carbs so I didn't give them up, but when it came time to graze I would think twice before getting that baked potato. Or if I just had to eat it, I would only eat half of it. Sometimes it was just as simple as taking to top slice of bread from my sandwich/hamburger/chicken sandwich. Yes I still had burgers so??? I kept carbs and sugars to a minimum, but I didn't abstained from them. Slowly but surely my body changed. Weight around the belly has gone down considerably, I feel energized, and the best part I didn't go on so weird ass diet, or stress about following a program.

Straight up fuck diet plans, you know what makes you fat and you know what makes your mouth watery so plan accordingly. Also hangout with your bros that are doing outdoor activities and leave the bar scene kids to their vices.


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